DOW Fun Facts

A DOW measured the highest wind speed ever recorded, 301 mph, in a violent F5 tornado in Oklahoma. 

A DOW also documented the largest tornado circulation ever, in a huge tornado with damaging winds extending over approximately 4 miles, and a mile-wide "core."

The DOWs weigh approximately 26,000 lbs and stand about 14 feet high. They only gets about 4 miles per gallon in gas mileage because they’re big and it’s windy!

DOWs have observed 170 tornadoes, 12 hurricanes, and hundreds of thunderstorms which did not make tornadoes.

The DOWs have been hit twice by tornadoes.....accidentally.

DOWs and their designer, Dr. Josh Wurman, have logged over 100,000 miles chasing tornadoes.

The DOW has experienced a direct lightning strike. The computers all crashed, but the team was back up and collecting data within in a matter of minutes.

The DOW team has never seen flying cows, but they have seen snakes flying by in hurricanes.

The DOWs, and their teams, lose lots of windshields—not to mention several wind meters (anemometers)—to hail every year.