Recommended Websites for Teachers

These websites provide useful information to support classroom learning about tornadoes.

National Severe Storms Laboratory - Education Resources
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration offers a variety of resources to support K-12 learning about severe storms. The site includes background information, lesson plans, career information, coloring book pages, and a history of the original VORTEX research mission.

Web Weather for Kids - Thunderstorms and Tornadoes
Developed by the University Center for Atmospheric Research, Web Weather for Kids is an award-winning site that presents a simple, kid-friendly introduction to meteorological topics. The Thunderstorms and Tornadoes section considers topics that are most directly relevant to Tornado Alley.

National Doppler Radar Sites
The National Weather Service offers this array of real-time Doppler Radar sites in the United States. At any moment, you can access live data from your nearest Doppler Radar site. You can also, of course, access sites that are not nearby, but are experiencing localized weather events. 

Tornado Handbook
The Discovery Channel invites students to create a supercell on this interactive website. Explore tornado formation and power in their Tornado Handbook.

About the Doppler on Wheels
Visit the Center for Severe Weather Research to learn more about the Doppler on Wheels network which is a small fleet of mobile Doppler Radar sites.