Behind the Scenes


A Film Production of:     Giant Screen Films
  Graphic Films
  In association with the Giant Dome Theater Consortium
Distributed by:  Giant Screen Films
Major funding provided by: National Science Foundation
Directed by: Sean Casey
Produced by: Paul Novros, Don Kempf and Sean Casey
Co-Produced by: Deborah Raksany, Andy Wood, Peter Rubi
Executive Producers: Mike Day, Jeffrey Kirsch, Ronan Nagle
Written by: Paul Novros and Sean Casey
Story Consultant: Mose Richards
Edited by: Sean Casey and Peter Rubi
Music Composed by: Trevor Morris
Directors of Photography: Sean Casey and Peter Rubi
Associate Producer: Ammiel G. Najar
Sound Design by: Mike McDonough
Narrated by: Bill Paxton
Filming Locations: United States
Formats: 2D and 3D (Available in 15/70 and digital)
Length of Film: 43 minutes
Release Date: March 18, 2011